Niko Tinbergen-Award

The Ethologische Gesellschaft awards the Niko Tinbergen Prize every other year to outstanding post-doc level researchers in behavioural biology or closely related fields. The award entails:

  1. A certificate stating the name of the candidate. The certificate is signed by the president of the society;
  2. A cheque of 1,500 Euro which is donated by the journal Ethology (Wiley).

The candidate should have been member of the Ethologische Gesellschaft for at least two years. Key papers must have been written in English and published in peer reviewed journals. In case of multiple authorships, the contributions of the candidate need to be stated in the nomination.

Any member of the Ethologische Gesellschaft is eligible to nominate candidates. A nomination needs to include a brief summary of the candidate's scientific achievements, a curriculum vitae and a list of publications. Nominations need to be sent to the manager of the Ethologische Gesellschaft. The committee in charge of judging applications consists of the council and extended council of the Ethologische Gesellschaft, but other members of the society may be asked to join the committee.

The deadline for the nomination of the next award is 31. December 2015.

last update: 30. July 2014

  • The 10th topical meeting of the Ethological Society:
    „Causes and consequences of social behaviour"

    Hamburg, 11.-14.2.2015

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